Overview of ProTrack

ProTrack - Tracking Workouts

ProTrack consists of four logs to track your personal fitness information. They are the Workouts Log, Nutrition Log, Measurements Log and the Daily Journal.

The Workout Log

Use the Workout Log to track your weight-trainging, sports or cardiovascular workouts. You will be able to calculate calories burned and track information such as sets, reps, weight, duration, calories burned, distance, speed, heart rate or intensity.

The Nutrition Log

Use the Nutrition Log to keep track of all your nutrition information. You will be able to calculate calories consumed, track details on over 70 nutrients and set daily nutrition goals.

The Measurements Log

ProTrack - Tracking Nutrition

Use the Measurements Log to track your personal measurements such as your body weight, body fat, waist size, chest size, etc. You can also track your exercise maximums. For example, you could track your one rep max for bench press, squat, deadlift, etc. You can also set personal measurement goals.

The Daily Journal

Use the Daily Journal to keep daily notes about anything you wish. For example, you could keep notes on information such as how you felt during your workout, what the weather was like, how much sleep you had the night before, etc.

Once your information is entered into any one of the logs, you will be able to create Charts and Reports to show progress.