ProTrack is listed in Joan Price and Shannon Entin's book -

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Health and Fitness".

Tracking Nutrition

Use the Nutrition Log to keep track of all your nutrition information. You will be able to calculate calories consumed and track details on over 70 nutrients.

Nutrition Log

You can create a set of meal templates for your most common meals. A meal template will save a lot of time in entering your meals especially if they are similar from day to day.

Once you have entered your nutrition information into the Nutrition Log, you will be able to create charts and reports to show progress.

Nutrition Charts

Nutrition Reports

You can view total nutrition facts for each day.

Total Nutrition Facts

You can set daily nutrition goals.

Nutrition Goals

ProTrack comes pre-loaded with a list of over 7200 food items for easy meal entry. This list is supplied by the United States Department of Agriculture. You can also add or delete your own food items and create your own favorites food item list.

Food Item List

You can view nutrition facts for each food item in the food item list.

You can create a recipe list.

Recipe List